American Addiction Centers Money Hungry Scam Las Vegas Nevada

From the Ripoff Report: I

am writing to alert you to some very serious violations of personal safety and corporate policy occurring at the Desert Hope Rehabilitation facility in Las Vegas. I was an in-patient in the newly opened Desert Hope facility in Las Vegas. What was sold to me as a chance for recovery in a dual diagnosis facility turned into one of the most traumatic and abusive experiences I have had in my life. I entered Desert Hope on May 5, 2013, completely vulnerable, as I put myself in their care and guidance. My first impression as I walked into the facility seemed welcoming.

The next morning, I expected to receive a tour of the facility and an explanation of my patient rights. Instead of this activity, I was part of the Morning Town Hall meeting where we were scolded, like children, for some incident that occurred before I arrived. It was then announced that all cell phones would be prohibited, even after the five day waiting period. I had been promised access to my cell phone after five days by the consultant who planned my stay. I have two young children at home and it was important that I reach them and check on possibly urgent voice or text messages from them.

I was also under the impression that there was access to recreation, physical fitness activities and a chance to interact in a relaxed manner with other clients. In the Desert Hope Residential Client Handbook, on page 17, it states, “You will have numerous opportunities to enjoy spa amenities, fitness classes, interactive games and other structured activities as well as group art therapy, drawing, painting, music, writing, pottery, and drama talents, and process how said talents/expressions relate to recovery.” There are NO art supplies except paper and crayons and a dried-out lump of clay. There are no fitness classes, spas, or games. There is nothing whatsoever for any patient in the facility. The entire program is built on a house of cards that is about to collapse at any moment. Every aspect of the sales brochure, sales pitch, website, and even the Residential Client Handbook is a lie.